GAAZOL003 - Doubtingthomas (incl. Diego Krause Remix)

For the label’s latest, DoubtingThomas turns in the exceptional GAAZOL003. Featuring three originals from the main man as well as a remix from Beste Modus man Diego Krause, it’s a colorful, spirited release that’s high on top-class sounds from the offset.


Ushering us in is the sounds of the title track. A sprightly, vibe-heavy cut that’s notable for its quick-footed, nimble aesthetics, it kicks off in fairly innocuous fashion before a captivating baseline rears its head. Keeping us second-guessing throughout, it’s full of twists, turns and suspense, a clever ploy that’s at the heart of the producer’s most-renowned works. The original is then complimented by Krause’s remix, which takes a more upfront, dancefloor driven approach. Notable for its clever drum work and meandering outlook, it’s a fitting, contrasting celebration to the original’s many charms.


The B side gets underway with ‘Drive’, a flair-filled cut that features Riviere at his most classy. An intricate, smile-inducing jam, it’s indicative of the sort of atmosphere-building track that the likes of Zip and Ricardo Villalobos tend to utilise to great effect. Culminating matters is the sounds of ‘Wakarimasen’, a zippy, synth-heavy track full of unusual, off-kilter field sounds and samples aplenty. Another release that showcases the range and depth at the heart of DoubtingThomas’ music, this is a special release — and a notable one for a producer (and a label) that continue to make great strides.

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